Sunday, April 5, 2015

Peacham Elementary School Art for April and May


FRIDAY, APRIL 10th from 3 to 5PM!!!

Welcome to Peacham Elementary School’s all student art exhibition. It has been a privilege this year to work with the Peacham Elementary students and staff. The small school culture of Peacham School  has been a refreshing experience as it encourages a personalized community of learners. I’m looking forward to seeing the students develop in their art interests and skills in the coming year.

The Art program at Peacham School strives to develop visual thinkers and to encourage creative problem solving on all levels of instruction.The art program also promotes visual literacy by introducing art history and critique during the process of creating original art. Art making enables students to interpret and perceive their life experiences in a way unique to themselves. The art curriculum is designed to encourage and develop divergent and imaginative thinking while teaching specific skills. Additionally, the arts present opportunities to develop the higher levels of thinking. Though this all sounds pretty “wordy” it will only work if students enjoy making art and that is our first goal. 

Ruth Kaldor, PES Art Teacher

More art work from our art classes can be viewed on our Peacham Art Room blog:

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ruth Kaldor Oils and Watercolors for February and March

For February and March, the Gilmore Gallery at the Peacham Library is proud to feature the oil and watercolor paintings of local artist and Peacham Elementary School art teacher Ruth Kaldor.

Ms. Kaldor has been a longtime art educator, first in Cabot and currently in Peacham. She studied under Vermont artists Susan Abbott, Lisa Beach, Jeneanne Lunn, Billy Brauer, Susan Bull Riley and David Gray.

Her work is characterized by clean, saturated colors and often bold compositions featuring classic Vermont subjects (among other things). From still lives to portraits, landscapes to botanical watercolors, Ms. Kaldor's willingness to explore and broaden her range is impressive.

Ruth Kaldor's oil and watercolor paintings will be on exhibit through the end of March at the Gilmore Gallery at the Peacham Library.

Limited edition prints and merchandise featuring the show poster above are available at

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October & November Exhibit: Cecelia Kane - Reception: October 12th, 4-6PM

In this self-portrait series, How Am I Feeling Today?, local Peacham artist Cecelia Kane is investigating the nature of self. This work is a study of identity, based on 89 selfies, one per day, that she took in 2009 staring in her bathroom mirror, asking the questions, “Am I my fleeting thoughts?”  “Am I my changing emotions?” Each piece is a portrait of an elusive feeling, and is titled by the day, and the feeling of the moment.
Please come to the artist reception on Sunday, October 12th from 4 to 6PM at the Gilmore Gallery in the Peacham Library. Meet Cecelia and gain new insight into her artistic process.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nicholas Alex: Collages & Assemblages


August & September 2014

For September and October, the Gilmore Gallery is proud to present collages and assemblages by experienced local artist Nicholas Alex. An eclectic mix of imagery in two and three dimensions, this unique show is well worth a visit to downtown Peacham.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, we've included the artist's statement below:

"Given the accelerating progress of biotechnological interventions and changes in the mode of human life, we are in the process of recreating the human form. This new body of work explores my vision, in abstract collaged constructions, of what we may look like when parts of our bodies are replaced with .machine parts guided by internal microchips propelled by battery power, and our brains are uploaded on our computers so that we become "mind clones" or digital versions of human beings. I also try to show in the artwork how we can change or augment our facial features and our bodies through tattoos and body paint, skin and face transplants, face uplifts, masked disguises that transform or conceal identity, and gender reassignment surgery, which make gender attributes no longer possible and unimportant. A face may become easily interchangeable with the face of another, gender engineering may well become the norm, androgyny may become the new cultural standard, and the fate of the human face will be increasingly determined by human tastes. Will technology and medical advances finally catch up to the human imagination? Is western consciousness in the throes of moral and sexual ambiguities? Are we witnessing the beginnings of a kind of trans-humanism where we are slowly becoming cybernetic organisms with both biological and artificial (electronic, mechanical, or robotic) parts?"
– Nicholas Alex –

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Edward Kadunc Peacham Landscape Paintings for June and July 2014

Paintings by Edward Kadunc
Reception Sunday, July 6th from 4 to 6PM
This exhibit was inspired by a meeting between Ed's wife Kathleen and noted local artist (and library namesake) Mr. Horace Gilmore. Kathleen met Mr. Gilmore in the last months of his life and she describes afternoon drives along back roads throughout the surrounding hills and villages, returning, inevitably to the top of the Peacham cemetery hill for a visit. There, pondering the vista of the farms on Roy or Mack mountains, streams and hills and valleys below stretching to distant Harvey's Lake, Mr. Gilmore proclaimed that "this" was his view. It was then and so it remains today.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Elementary Art for April & May

Reception Sunday, May 4th from 4 to 6PM
The Gilmore Gallery at Peacham Library is proud to present its 2nd Annual Elementary Art Exhibition, featuring artwork created by the students of Peacham Elementary School under beloved art teacher Omri Parsons. Colorful two and three dimensional projects, as well as "photograms" (you'll have to come in to find out what they are) adorn every corner of the gallery until the end of May. There will be an especially festive artists' reception this Sunday, May 4th from 4 to 6PM. This is the perfect time to witness the work of fledgling artists as they spread their creative wings.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Teen Art Show for February and March

Artists' Reception: March 9th from 4 to 6PM.

The Gilmore Gallery at Peacham Library is proud to feature several aspiring teenage artists for February and March. Ranging in age from 12 to 18 years old, all of the exhibitors are students at the Christ Covenant School in Marshfield, VT, where they benefit from the school's robust art instruction program. Media is wide ranging, from paintings and pencil drawings to silkscreen and sculpture. There will be an artists' reception at the gallery on March 9th from 4 to 6PM. This will be a great opportunity to meet this group of talented young artists at the dawn of their artistic careers.

Want to Exhibit at Gilmore Gallery?

Just contact gallery manager Craig Harrison at We're always looking for new art, so don't be shy. Shows are generally up for 2 months at a time.
We'd like to plan some themed group shows; so if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to forward them.